Initiation Requirements

In order to initiate into the Tau Beta Pi - California Tau chapter at the University of California, Irvine, initiates must complete these requirements.  Being a well-rounded engineer is the goal of the wide range of categories for initiation into Tau Beta Pi.

Although the list may seem daunting, please remember that we are here to help you initiate and these events will just help everyone get to know each other more and create a closer group of initiates.

The pamphlet handed out from the informational meetings here.

Executive Summary

  1. Membership Fee
  2. Officer Luncheon
  3. 6 out of 10 meetings
  4. 3 hours of Community Service
  5. 3 hours of Fundraising
  6. 3 Social Events
  7. 1 Liberal Arts Event
  8. 2 Professional Development Events - One must be with Tau Beta Pi
  9. Hand Polished and Mounted Bent
  10. Initiation Ceremony & Banquet


Requirements for Initiation

Membership fee: $110

  • Membership fees are paid for the continuity of the chapter and for submission to the National Headquarters.  Nearly 50% of the fee is turned over to the National Headquarters with the rest of the fee paid being returned to you, the initiates, via social events and free t-shirts.
  • Membership fees are paid only once and membership is for a lifetime!

Officer Luncheon

  • The Officer Luncheon is a meeting between the initiate and their officer of choice.  Please note, you do NOT have to pay for the officer's meal, and likewise, the officer will not pay for the initiate's meal.  Meet anywhere: Starbucks, Java City, Phoenix Grill, Room on the Green, or just a bench in the park.  We want to get to know you!

Meeting Attendance

  • Must attend a minimum of 6 out of 10 available meetings. 
  • MANDATORY Meetings: Week 3 and Week 6

Community Service

  • 3 hours of community service is required.


  • In order to raise funds to spend on events for members and initiates 3 hours of Fundraising are required. 

Social Events

  • Come make friends and have a great time! 3 events are required.

Liberal Arts

  • Math, science, and do not forget the Liberal Arts!  A minimum of attending 1 Liberal Art event is required.
  • Please provide proof in the form of a program/ticket stub, and a picture of yourself at the event. 
  • A paragraph description of the event is required. Just let us know how it was!

Professional Development

  • Attend 2 Professional Development events, which are beneficial for your own career and professional development.
  • One of these events must be done with Tau Beta Pi

Hand-Polished Bent

  • The Bent is the symbol of Tau Beta Pi, and as an initiation requirement, you must polish, BY HAND, one crudely casted bronze Bent and mount it in a creative way before the Initiation Ceremony.  The polished Bent will be your ticket into the Ceremony.
  • No photo frames with the Bent inside; No chains to wear the Bent around your neck.

Initiation Ceremony and Banquet

  • Attend the Initiation Ceremony in order to be initiated and become a lifetime member of Tau Beta Pi
  • The Banquet follows the Initiation Ceremony and you can invite one special person to come celebrate with you.