Professional Development

Fall 2011


Deloitte Consulting Firm Info Session

Melody Kwok, a TBP alumni, works for Deloitte, and has come back to share with us her experience and what it is like to work in the "real" world.  Initiates, members, and the Deloitte representatives came together to discuss life after college.




Fall Conference @ Cal State Fullerton

Meeting with other Tau Bates from UCLA, UCSD, SDSU, UCR, Cal Poly Pomona, CSUF, and not to mention, UCI, Tau Beta Pi was given a new perspective and we are sure that the officers who went, Jinwan Kim, Daniel Kha Le, Tony Doan, and Kyle Dykman learned a lot and have brought back valuable information for our chapter, California Tau.

Most memorable moment: When Scott Eckersall, District 16 director, asked if any of us were unfamiliar with a certain topic (a starndard question), our new officer, Kyle Dykman was the only one to raise his hand, but hey, he was just being honest.  

Enterntainment news: Taylor Swift has been spotted at the conference, see if you can find her in any of the photos!