Vice President External & Internal

Vice President External: Akarsh Lal

Major: Biomedical Engineering-Premed

Class: 2021

Hobbies: tennis, watching basketball, making YouTube videos

Interesting Fact: My foot was run over by a car when I was in middle school.

Favorite Song: By Your Side by The 1975


The Vice-President Internal is considered the right-hand man or woman of the President.  He or she is responsible for all ceremonial affairs for the chapter and supports the President in his or her work.

Vice President Internal: Jessica Kotini 

Major:  Chemical Engineering

Class:  2021

Hobbies: Biking, listening to music

Interesting Fact: Once stayed at an Airbnb that was worthy of having a song written about it. Actually, Taylor Swift wrote one, and also left her grammy award box there..

Favorite Song:  Best Friend by FRITOGANG